Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America

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"Teaching the Youth of America to 'Never Give Up,' One Dance Step at a Time!"

Mr. Jimmy Lyles

Executive Director / DJ J SIZZLE
Mr. Jimmy, a.k.a. DJ J SIZZLE, is the Executive Director of Coast 2 Coast and runs all aspects.
Jimmy is a Radio DJ and you can listen to him on 100.7 WHUD and K104.7 in New York!
Visit him online at:!

Mr. Louie Perez

Mr. Louie is the choreographer of Coast 2 Coast and owner of VP Dance Academy in New York. Louie's contributions to the theatre world are unmatched! View some of his work below! 
Visit him online at:!

Mr. Ryan Dutcher

Board Executive
Mr. Ryan assists with photos, videos & driving on tour. Growing up in New York, Ryan launched his career through philanthropic work for charities. He's now a professional Illusionist! ​Visit him online at:!

It's truly an honor to see what dance does for the lives of so many children across the nation. My message is simple; Always follow your heart and remember to love what you do, because if you love what you do, you will never feel like you’re working a day in your life. Our goal is to encourage everyone to Live, Love, Laugh, and Never Give Up! Together, we will do this one dance step at a time, Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America

-Mr. Jimmy Lyles

I promised myself if one day I was successful at whatever path I chose in life, I would inspire and motivate children and adults to do the same. I believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I am on a mission to motivate and inspire anyone and everyone that comes my way. I believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Always follow your goals, always follow your dreams, and NEVER GIVE UP!

- Mr. Louie Perez


"I live my daily life by the same values as Coast 2 Coast. I followed my dreams and now get to perform all over the world doing what I truly love. If you put your mind to something, you will succeed."

-Mr. Ryan Dutcher


Catherine Moore, Dianne Lyles, Francine Perez, Emilio Giordano, Maria Maglio, Luann & Jamie Brown, Rocco & Marianne Valente, Denise Lukavic, John & Lynn Lukavic, Geovany Valerio, and all of the VP Dance Academy Dancers/Families!

    What is "Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America?"


"Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America, Inc." is now officially a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Not-for-Profit Corporation registered in the State of New York! Louie Perez, Jimmy Lyles, and Ryan Dutcher are on a mission to motivate anyone and everyone they come across. At the conclusion of their 2018 "50 States in 5 Years" National Tour, Coast 2 Coast Dance has successfully (in just 5 years and touring for only ten (10) weeks in total) taught their Master Class in all 50 United States, visited over 100 dance studios, awarded over $10,000 in dance scholarships, and brought their message to "Never Give Up" to over 15,000 dancers nationwide.

Right: Mr. Jimmy Lyles speaks to the students of Tonawanda Dance Arts in Tonawanda, New York. All students who participate in the national tour hear the backstories of the "Coast 2 Coast" Crew and find out the many ways to succeed in life. Photo featured in the Niagara Gazette Newspaper in Buffalo, New York. Article by: Vanessa Oswald.

ABC News Anchor Heather Armstrong said it the best; "Take a dancer, a DJ, and an illusionist and you've got Coast 2 Coast. A trio of professionals who give up two weeks of work to volunteer their time touring the country, to instill hope in dance students. The message is very clear... If you love something pursue it with passion and Never Give Up!" Our annual National Tour consists of a one-hour master dance class that is free of charge to both the students and studios nationwide, but isn't just about dance. The message is simple- "NEVER GIVE UP!" Not only do we dance and have fun, we also motivate and inspire students to follow their dreams and always be sure to pursue something they truly love. We set out on this journey to foster the minds of both the youth and adults alike-- and after hearing some of the stories students tell us after our visit, we are definitely succeeding!

After students participate in the Master Class, they have the opportunity to apply for four (4) dance scholarships ($1000, $500, $250, and $100.) These scholarships are paid in a dancers name to their home dance studio, to aid in paying for their dance tuition, performance fees, or however else a family wants to apply it to further their dance education. Not only will give them the opportunity to continue their dance education, it will also reward them for being passionate in life. To be eligible for a scholarship, students must physically participate in the hour-long master class, they must write an essay (with the help of parents) on a specific topic given on the tour, they must provide an up-to-date photograph, and show a passion for the art of dance! All essays will be due by a specified date given on the tour and winners will be announced beginning on National Dance Day, Saturday, July 28th, 2018.

Besides our national scholarship program, we also award THREE very special scholarships totaling $1000 right here in the Hudson Valley, New York, thanks to our sponsor, The Nifty Thrifty Shop in Fishkill, NY. Local dancers and students help out with our fundraising efforts to "pay-it-forward" nationwide, so we feel that they should be rewarded for their kindness and generosity! Students across the country are able to receive this program free of charge because others have given them the opportunity to do so--- which is something they should be extremely proud of; Dancers Helping Dancers!  Our 2018 $500 "Pay-it-Forward" Scholarship went to Ashley Notarthomasj and our two (2) 2018 $250 "Pay-it-Forward" Scholarships went to Angelina Decker/Jamie Brown and Bella Giordano of VP Dance Academy!

So you know a little about the Crew before we visit; When our choreographer, Mr. Louie Perez, emigrated from Cuba to America at the age of 10, life was hard for his family. There came a time when he could no longer afford dance lessons- but his first dance teacher, Patsy Metzger, saw his passion for the arts. She allowed him to mop the floors at Debbie Reynolds Studio in North Hollywood, CA as payment for dance class-- and the rest is history! Louie set out on this journey to "pay-it-forward" through his passion of dance and is making headlines across the country with the "Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America" Tour! Jimmy Lyles, the Executive Director and Tour DJ of "Coast 2 Coast," took Louie's dream and made it a reality by setting up the National Tour. Jimmy, a.k.a. DJ J SIZZLE, is not only is the tour's DJ-- he can also be heard on the radio on Westchester and the Hudson Valley's Music Station, 100.7 WHUD in New York. The team is finally joined by Ryan Dutcher, a world-class Illusionist from New York. Ryan also set out on this journey for the same reasons-- to "Never Give Up" and always follow your dreams. You can visit the C2C Crew Page for more info on them!

Not only does this tour promote the health and fitness side of dance, but it also encompasses the ideals of persistence, perseverance, passion, and positivity. The tour proves that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. "Our goal is to encourage everyone to live, love, laugh, and Never Give Up! We will do this one dance step at a time, Coast 2 Coast: Dance Across America!" We are happy to be guest bloggers for the National Dance Week Foundation about our travels during National Dance Week and we are a “Preferred Vendor” in the More Than Just Great Dancing network of Affiliated Studios! Please contact us if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or if you would like us to visit your studio next!

Are you considering inviting the C2C Crew to your Studio?

Don't take our word for it-- take the word of our past studio owners across the country! 

We have visited well over 70 dance studios, so please hear what they have to say below!

2017 Studio Owners

Abby Lee Dance Company, Revolution Dance Center, Appolonia Leake Dance Company, Step South Dance, Allegra Dance Studio, Pride of Arkansas, PK's School of Dance, Anne-Marie's Academy of Dance, North-east Georgia Dance, Kidz in Step, The P.A.C.E. Studio, That's The Pointe Dance, Devoted Dance Academy, Creative Dance and Music Studio, Dance Branson, Pure Move-ment, Las Cruces School of Dance and Music, Tucson Music and Dance Academy.

2016 Studio Owners

Abby Lee Dance Company, Misty's Dance Unlimited, Dancin' With Roxie, Coastal Dance Academy, Utah Dance Artists, Jean Marie Dance Studio, Showcase Dance Studio, Yorkville Performing Arts Center, Michele Dance Studio, Upstage Dance Centre, Nicole's School of Dance, Barefoot Dance Studio, Consuming Fire School of Dance, Cedar Street Studio, Elko Academy of the Arts, Portland Dance Center.

2015 Studio Owners

Kathy Blake Dance Studio, Miss Lori's Dance Express, All Star Dance Academy, Center for Performing Arts, The Dance Annex, Dancers' Corner, Tonawanda Dance Arts, Art in Motion Richmond, Upstage Dance Centre, Dance Magic, Dance Attitudes Janesville, Elizabeth's Dance Expressions, Performing Arts on Main, Dance Theatre Northwest, Dance Center of Spokane.

2014 Studio Owners

Princeton Ballet School, PK's School of Dance, Michele Dance Studio, Dare 2 Dance, Upstage Dance Centre, Studio Gray, CK Dance Theatre, Pure Movement Dance and Fitness, Showstoppers Dance Studio, MGM Studio of the Dance, Suzanne's School of Dance, B. Sharp School of Dance, Hi-Def Dance Academy, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Patsy Metzger Dancers

"Coast 2 Coast" Dance Scholarship Winners

Since becoming a Not-for-Profit, the C2C Crew is happy to give away SIX (6) scholarships to deserving dancers each year! All students who participate in the National Tour Master Class have the opportunity to write an essay and apply for a dance scholarship to help pay their tuition at their home studio!